Im not one to shout from mountain tops, or lead a parade, but I do take notice of curious things and wonder how we can continue to consume infinite amounts and still live in a finite world.

I feel strongly about conservation of resources, doing more with less, respecting natures processes and building community; but I am full of contradictions. I like to go barefoot in the garden, but also like to paint my toes. I dream of producing 90% of my own food, then wonder where I should go out for dinner. I’ll preach about supporting the local economy, then buy a book on Amazon. You too? It’s ok. We do what we can (but I disliked the phrase, “we are only human”).

I’m from the northeast and embrace Yankee ingenuity, though I don’t feel very ingenious myself. I believe that rich people are those who are content to make do or able to make from scratch. I like acquiring new skills like changing a bike tire, building a shed, digging a post hole or making kombucha.

If I had a time machine I’d go back to the colonial era, and live in a farmhouse with a milk cow, oxen, and flock of hens. I’d churn butter and grow beans. I’d know my land as well as my children. I’d be content with two worn calico dresses and a third for Sunday best.



2 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hello Alicia,

    My name is Raini. We met in front of the Mosellum fish pass Koblenz on Friday.
    I wish you a good tour with many nice impressions and nice people to meet.
    If you visit the Moselle any day, please contact us. It is also important for us (scouts) to protect the environment.



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