A month on a bicycle along a river; its over now and was so much fun! Although I set out on my own, I was never alone. 

I give my thanks to Herman Wanningen of World Fish Migration Foundation for planting the seed for this trip in 2015 when he introduced me to restoration practitioners in Holland during bonus days on my sustainability cycle tour. 

Sandra Chevret and Kerry Brink who coordinate World Fish Migration Day (April 21, 2018) and sent me encouragement and contact information for their river colleagues. 

Bas Deelman, WFMF’s communication guru who made my cyclefish logo, and WFMF colleague Joost van Deelan, who met me in Katwijk for a jubilant celebration and a fun photo shoot on the beach.  

Josh Royte of The Nature Conservancy, who over a breakfast in Brunswick, ME coined the directive, “Show me your river”, and so launched this trip. 

Patagonia, creator of exceptional gear backed by corporate values that not only honor workers, but nature’s planet too (with a new line of rewilding rivers T-shirts). 

The community building, culture sharing, hospitality providing, budget saving networks of Couchsurfing and WarmShowers

And of course, to the Rhine, in his many forms. He guided me from the place of his conception, through phases of playful then serious, awe inspiring then beleaguered, wild then tamed; to his transformation into the sea. 

Here are some impressions of each segment of the river. 

ALPINE RHINE: Swiss glaciers, swift rapids, chiming bells and rich chocolate;

The novelty of LICHTENSTEIN;

LAKE CONSTANCE (Bodensee): My short dance with Austria;

HIGH RHINE: French croissants, fortified cities and chance encounters;

UPPER RHINE: Germany’s coordination of restoration, informative signage, a gradual understanding of language and Riesling. 

MIDDLE RHINE: castles, more castles, perfect bike paths and more castles. 

DELTA RHINE: The giant skies, tidy farms and ever present examples of land+water in the Netherlands. 

And the NORTH SEA!


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